Community Centers in Village Duisi and Jokolo

Since it started receiving international support in 2006, Duisi Community-Educational Center in Duisi has become the heart of the Pankisi Valley. The Community Centre is where all the cultural events, women’s clubs, educational and vocational courses and different raising awareness activities take place including legal and livelihood consultation. It is also a gathering place for the community where people can meet government representatives.

In March, 2016 Kakheti regional development foundation with the support of local government opened an Educational center in Pankisi Gorge, in village Jokolo, which is available not only for Jokolo residents, but also for Birkiani, Dumasturi, Omalo and Dzibakhevi youth.

In Jokolo center there are conducted different educational and vocational courses.

Jokolo youth always were very active therefore they come with great joy in the center and are very grateful. They attend all the trainings, seminars and discussions which are held in the center. This is the space for any civil activities and for free education which is very useful and important for local population.

Jokolo Educational Center

Pottery Course

Drawing course students

Felt course students