Youth programmes

Young people in Pankisi have a lot of free time but they don’t have the possibility to spend this time exploring areas of interest. This is one of the reasons why they become easy targets for radical religious groups. Offering an alternative for the young people is one step towards their inclusion and integration into the local public life and community.

Summer Camp

The aim of Summer Camp is to facilitate integration among Kist, Chechen and Georgian youth.

During the summer camp period youth had an opportunity to engage in different educational and environmental activities such as - discussions, trainings, meetings with well-known people, sport competitions, "karaoke" parties, festival of colors and etc.

Summer Camp


Youth projects are aimed at raising awareness of youth living in Pankisi Gorge.

Within the framework of youth projects youth have an opportunity to engage in different educational and raising awareness activities such as: trainings, discussions, excursions and different vocational and educational courses.

Training on Children's Rights

Training on Gender Equality

Education for vulnerable youth

KRDF conducts various vocational and educational courses for Pankisi youth.

Excursions and hikings

The youth excursions in different parts of Georgia. These excursions facilitate friendship and informal contacts among young people both Georgians and Kists.